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[28 Apr 2004|03:40am]
[ mood | busy ]

Backstreet, JC, Justin, Nsync and all my other acts have me pulled thin. I'm a busy man. Don't buy the new Jordan Knight, Danny Wood, or Joey McIntyre albums. No, buy Jordan's. I get a cut of that.

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[20 Nov 2003|05:41pm]
Princess decided to re-schedule tour dates around JC's work load, so Steve and I have finished packing up and I have a few minutes to spare to let everyone in on my busy life. Carlos, Beth, and Trace, I pay you three why?

NSYNC NEWSCollapse )

Can I get some fools to work?
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I'm a busy man. [09 Oct 2003|05:46pm]
I still run this outfit called 'Nsync, and the empire that has become Justin Timberlake. Not too much time for updates. Check ac_news_room for what I've been fine tuning, along with lynn_harless_'s help. The other guys, lets not forget them. _carlos_ and beth__flanagan should be keeping you posted, but if they aren't, here's what we've got going on.

JC Chasez:
* Performing LIVE on MTV's Wade Robson Project, Monday, October 13
* JC is coming out with a solo CD of his own. We don't have a release date for it yet due to the BMG merger with Jive and JC's re-mastering and track line-up changes, but he will let you know about this as soon as this has been confirmed If you're interested in joining JC's official fan club please e-mail howdoijoinJCclub@yourfanclubs.com You'll receive an automated reply with all the information that you'll need to join. Your membership year will not start until his album drops in stores.
* Headed to Las Vegas at the end of October for Day of the Child charity work.
* Dropping the Tony Lucca album he helped co-write with life long friends Dale Godboldo and Tony Lucca.
* Testing the song, "Plug It In" on different radio markets for possible single distrobution.

Lance Bass:
* Lance has been named spokesperson for a space exploration and kids education program.
* Supporting friend, Wendy Thorkalson's, new jewelry venture. Look for him to pop up in upscale retailers promoting Jean Jewels.
* Attending the Pat O'Brien Golf Tournament in Jamaica, October 16-19
* Participating in "Space Week" in Houston, Texas October 9th-13th.

Joey Fatone:
* Joey will be starring in "Grease" in Orlando. Opening night is Nov. 20th.
Joey will play Danny Zuko, November 21-23 at the Linda Chapin Theatre in
* Attending the Pat O'Brien Golf Tournament in Jamaica, October 16-19

Chris Kirkpatrick:
* Chris has been in his new recording studio working on material for a solo release as well as for Nsync and the group OhNo.
* He is heading back to Jamaica on October 16-19 to defend his title in the Pat O'Brien Golf Tournament. Lance and Joey will be going along as his cheering section!
* Celebrating a birthday and one year wedding anniversary in October as well.

Justin Timberlake:
* "I'm Lovin' It" mini club tour(4 dates)starting OCt. 13-Oct. 17th to make up missed dates from this summers tour.
* Signed a $6.9 million dollar contract with McDonalds to further the I'm Lovin' It campaign globally.
* Will appear on the AMA's and Radio Music Awards
* Hosts and performs as musical guest on SNL Oct. 12th
* Kicks off leg three of the Justified tour in November
* Working on the Vanessa Marquez album, set to release in the spring on Startrak records.

Melinda really needs a journal.
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[27 Aug 2003|05:19am]
I updated. Go read strippedified and ac_news_room. Read those to know what I'm doing.
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Let the GAMES Begin. [17 Jul 2003|02:15pm]
[ mood | busy ]

There's a lot going on with Nsync this weekend, thought I'd do a small "business" update and include some information about CFTCV at the same time. The fun never stops with these men, or should I say children.

I was woken up early this morning to the shrill sounds of Lynn Harless screaming at me. Seems Justin decided he's a "terrible person" and that all he wanted to do was "sleep." Trace found him passed out with a bottle of pills. Great way to start the big Nsync reunion there, JT. Trip to the ER, and a pumped stomach later, and now we play the waiting game. I commanded the little shit to put on his best damn acting performance, because there's no time for his shit. I have calls to make and money to countbusiness to do before CFTCV kicks off tomorrow.

All the guys get here throughout the day and evening. We're doing dinner and a business meeting regarding the group. These meetings tend to be either extremely benneficail or a distaster. Between trying to control Chris, JC's loss, Joey talking wedding plans, getting Lance sober, I just am really hoping Justin's stunt this morning isn't an indicator of how this will whole weekend will play out.

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[01 Jul 2003|03:47pm]
[ mood | perturbed ]

Hey, yall, what's up? Took a little break and was busy, but things are in full swing again

Justin is nominated for 5 Teen Choice Awards (Choice Music-Album, HipHop/R&B Artist, Male Artist, Single (Cry Me A River), and Choice Male Hottie (which he's only lost once)) So good luck to him with all that. The Teen Choice Awards Air August 6th, 2 days before C's birthday.

Pop star duo showing signs of growing up ( Houston Review)

Read more...Collapse )

Some stuff in that article is a bunch of shit. Some people shouldn't be journalist.

JC's songs have leaked to message boards everywhere, which sucks because I know he wanted to keep that stuff as a suprise, but it's been getting REALLY GOOD responses, which I hope he sees. People are excited and want the album now. So maybe the leak wasn't so bad. I gotta go make phone calls. Holla at ya lata.


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Touring [20 Jun 2003|09:05am]
Tonights the last night at the Staples Arena before we kick this tour off right. Once we get on the road and away from all the celebrity clinger-ons, I expect to see some real greatness from Timberlake.

So we cancelled a show up in Canada and some kids are starting a petition. If you want to help their cause, go to: http://www.petitiononline.com/june11/petition.html You never realize the importance of your voice till you use it.

Kids, save your allowance when coming to the show. We have so many great tour related items for sale. Here's a peek:

JC had a hand in designing one of the shirts, as you can all tell. I thought it was a bad idea, but it seems to be selling.

There's also mesh(trucker) hats, thongs, panties, programs, and wrist cuffs. We'll add more merch as the tour rolls along and we see what the demand is.

I have calls to make regarding JC's album and Lance's movie. I thought I had Carlos and Laura on my payroll for a reason. Got to love how no one really works around here. I bet they get to work if I dock their paychecks. Good idea.

See you at a venue in a city near you.
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[12 Jun 2003|12:03am]
[ mood | stressed ]

The shit I deal with. This tour is already giving me grey hairs. Think I will rename it the, STRESSIFIED tour. Seems way more fitting.

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[02 Jun 2003|09:53pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Been awhile since I had time to sit. Still busy with the Justified tour and the promo set-up for Schitzophrenic(working title). Real update over at: strippedified.

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NSA [21 Mar 2003|08:34pm]
[ mood | proud ]

Just wanna comment on a few thigns. Justin's Punk'd was fucking hilarious. Really, I laahged my ass off.

And then to all the guys, 3 years ago you put out one of the best and biggest albums the world has ever seen. It just amazes me... it really does. I can't believe it's been three years, and I can't believe that everything happened like it did. So I just wanna say that I am truly proud of you Justin, Chris, Joey, Lance, and JC. Seeing the sparkle in your eyes back then, and hopefully it's still there, is what makes me happy to do my job.

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'X' Marks the Spot! [16 Mar 2003|05:37pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

Just wanna give some love to Cris for her kick ass performance last night, and she can thank me for booking her that slot later. I loved Beautiful, and Fighter was awesome. Love the new look too girl! You did me proud!

And J, let me know how the basketball thing goes. Your ass should be there right now.

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I Own You All! [15 Mar 2003|05:04am]
[ mood | busy ]

Yeah, I'm listening to RENT. Damn Joey in getting me hooked, but I'm hoping to score the Roger on Tour (Kevin Spencer) as a future client so...

*sighs and throws a dart at Justin's picture* I would fire him, but he brings in soooooo much money.

So, I took a little vacation with the wife and son, and now I'm back and ready to deal with all of JT's whining-- kinda. How the hell did all of his friends ever make it onto my payroll? They don't do anything. They're about as useless as Jeniifer Love Hewitts singing career. She actually asked me to manage her. Yeah... no.

I gotta talk to Kelly and Joe about having a play date for Little Johnny and Briahna. I gotta catch up on all this stuff and Alicia needs to go do whatever.

Who the hell does Pharrell think he is? Acting like he owns me. Bitch please. Last time I checked, I was making more than him, and I was the one he worked for. Bitch better recognize. He ain't gotta play me like that, there ain't many brothers in this crew, we gotta stick together! And by the way, Pharry and Chad got SCREWED by not being nominated at the Grammies. Late news I know, but stil. That was theirs.

JC needs to cut his damn hair. I love him, he knows he's my favorite, but ehh... I can't market that. Carlos, Tony, Dallas, whoever the hell he is hanging out with lately needs to get his ass in check. He needs to be performing on TV to keep the fans at bay, and give them something to look forward to.

The MMCers are on the rise... scary, and weird, but whatever. You would think that there would be more making it but I guess they just haven't found me yet :)

You wanna know what pisses me off? These fans that keep complaining about ticket prices for JT/X-tina. Hello!! Two concerts for the price of one. Stop your damn bitching. They didn't complain for NSYNC's SMALL Celebrity Tour that was 115, but they will bitch about 72 dollars. Get off your asses and get a job and stop bitching. I get enough from Timberlake.
I'm glad Timberlake got his ass Punk'd. Dumbass. Like my accountants would actually screw something like that up! If he would stop smoking away his brain cells he might have been smart enough to figure that out. Fucker.

Chris was on Star Search last night. Yeah, I don't know why either.

Ugh, Leece just told me about Britney's nipple ring. How much mutation can one do to their breasts? I hope it goes off in every damn airport she's in. I should fire her. I don't know why I don't. Timberlake would stop bitching so much if I did. Never liked her from the get go but she too rakes in a bunch of money. Poor preteen suckers.

*looks over schedules*
Gotta talk to J and X about this whole tour thing. They're such divas.

"No, I won a grammy, he should open for me!"
"What? I'm not opening for a damn stripper. I sold more records than you have piercings."

And I'm pretty sure they made out after that. *shakes head* I'm getting to old for this.

Dale is going to be on a new sitcom. Wanda At Large debuts on ABC- March 26 and he's a co-star on it.

Tuesday, March 18 - 8:30pm - Turnstyle - BET - Justin
Friday, March 21 - 8:00pm - The Search for the Most Talented Kid in America - NBC - Lance
Tuesday, March 25 - 9:00pm - Celine in Las Vegas: Opening Night - Justin hosts
Saturday, April 12 - 8:00pm - NICK Kids' Choice Awards - 'Nsync nominated

*checks voicemail*
Hmm... J and X are good for something. They sold out al floor seats at The Palace of Auburn Hills, Michigan in a little under 15 min, and the first balcony is almost sold out as well. And I can hear the ego's inflating....

I'm out for now. Gotta go feed the kid and all. Drop Me A Line

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[14 Mar 2003|05:05pm]
Get to work. I need money.
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